Wednesday, December 14, 2016

2016 Christmas Ornaments for Grandchildren

Just so that I wouldn't be rushing with the Christmas ornaments in 2016 I stitched the fronts of them in February while my BIL and SIL were visiting from Michigan.
Of course once you know you have a world of time to do the actual finishing your keep on putting it off. At least I do.
Then December 1 rolled around and suddenly I was running out of time to get them finished and in the mail to Norway.
Now of course the thinking process of how to complete the ornaments began.
Well friends - done and done - and here they are before they went on their merry way to our sweet H and S.
Below you can see the beading. A lot of work but fun and a great result.

"The Bookshop" is also finished and mounted and I have the frame at home. Will upload a picture later this week.


Blogger Brigitte said...

LOl, I'm exactly the same about finishing, Margaret. I put it off for quite a while and in the end I have to hurry up to get things done. These little nutcrackers for your grandchildren are so sweet, they will love them. And so very nice, the beaded edges.
Looking forward to seeing The Bookshop framed.

11:31 PM  
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