Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Two pages down and seventy to go

to get from here
to here.

So far I'm enjoying every minute of the journey.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Finally a stitching update

It has been much to long since I posted. I have been stitching though so finally here is an update.


 "Playful Snowmen Ornament" The Gold Collection
stitched for granddaughter's 2nd Christmas
on antique white with DMC floss
started 07/08/2013 - completed 11/25/2013

 Doll quilt for darling granddaughter.
My first attempt at a very simple quilt.
Of course I did manage to sew the batting on the outside on my first try.
However, with some patience I did manage to redo.
H loves it and so do her dolls.

"Baby Express Birth Record" Dimensions Kit
stitched for our sweet grandson who was born on December 26, 2013
stitched with floss from kit on 32 count white opalescent Lugana
started 10/19/2013 - completed 01/05/2014

Since we no longer live in Las Vegas where my dear friend Adele the framing magician works her magic, I framed it myself and am very pleased with the result.

"Easter bread cloth" from Bake-a-Batch Bread Cloths
for my dear friend Brenda
stitched on (of course) a bread cloth with DMC floss
started 02/20/2014 - completed 03/13/2014

Finally, the 2014 addition to my snowman wall.

"Feed the Birds Snowman" by Linda Coleman (Jeremiah Junction)
 stitched with DMC on 16 count Zweigart dark moss Aida
which was a gift from dear Lili and number of years ago
started in early January 2014 - completed 03/18/2014

I hope you are all well and greeting spring with a smile on your face and a stitching needle in your hand.

Friday, January 03, 2014

Stitching in 2013

'Overlook Cafe' 02/10/2012
'Art Nouveau Lake Landscape' 07/31/2012
'MLM' 11/13/2012-06/28/2013
'12 Days of Christmas' II 11/15/2012-02/17/2013
'Dragonflies' 02/28-03/10/2013
'Liberty Angel 03/10-03/22/2013
'DK' monogram 03/11-03/14/2013
'Macdonald Maple Leaf' 05/30-06/25/2013
'Noah's Ark' 2013
Hadewych's 2013 ornament 07/08-11/25/2013
'Snowman & Friends' 07/16-08/10/2013
'PS Pumpkin Patch Witch' 08/27-08/28/2013
'Knock Knock' 08/28-09/03/2013
'PS Pumpkin Patch Black Cat' 09/03/2013
'Baby Birth Record'10/19/2013
'Bygone Summer' 12/18/2013

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Reading in 2013

01 King "Duma Key"
02 Japin "Vaslav"
03 Frank "Plantation"
04 Mak "Hoe God Verdween uit Jorwerd"
05 Rand "Atlas Shrugged"
06 Dumas "The Three Musketeers"
07 Rollins "The Devil Colony"
08 Grissom "The Kitchen House"
09 Braun "De Kat Die Voorlas"
10 Spencer "Shattered Dreams"
11 Ackerman "The Zookeeper's Wife"
12 Kiely "Murder at Longbourn"
13 King "Under the Dome"
14 Tolkien "The Fellowship of the Ring"
15 Morton "The House at Riverton"
16 Bunn "The Quilt"
17 Adams "Lacuna: Demons of the Void"
18 DeMaio-Rice "Dead is the New Black"
19 Koch "Het Diner"
20 Fitzwater "Dying to Get Published"
21 van Kooten "De verrekijker"
22 Miller "Irreparable Harm"
23 Min "The Cooked Seed"
24 Dyer "Excuses Begone"
25 Kesey "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"
26 de Rosnay "Sarah's Key"
27 Stokes "Camelot's Cousin"
28 Lanier "Miles from Home"
29 Canarvon "Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey"
30 Townsend & Doyle "The Soul Survivor"
31 Malot "Alleen op de wereld"
32 Frank "Reflections in the Nile"
33 Kline "Orphan Train"
34 Nemirovsky "Suite Francaise"
35 Preston & Child "Brimstone"
36 Flyte "City of Dark Magic"
37 Braun "The Cat Who Sang for the Birds"
38 Nesbit "The Railway Children"
39 Braun "The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers"
40 Braun "The Cat Who Blew the Whistle"
41 Braun "The Cat Who Went Bananas"
42 Preston Child "Dance of Death"
43 Higman "Winter in Full Bloom"
44 Hidding "Liefde in het Oude Landschap"
45 Kray-Sijsma "Wachten op Antwoord"
46 van 't Sant "Hoeve 'De Terp'"
47 Keam "Death by a HoneyBee"
48 O'Reilly & Dugard "Killing Kennedy"
49 Digby "A Horse Called September"
50 Elliott "Georgiana Darcy's Diary"
51 Chiaverini "Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker"
52 L'Engle "A Wrinkle in Time"
53 van Manen Pieters "Roepend in de Wind"
54 Brijs "De Engelenmaker"
55 Carlson "The Christmas Dog"
56 Carlson "The Gift of Christmas Present"
57 Taylor "A Christmas Tale"
58 Brown "Inferno"
59 Truman "Murder in the White House"

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Not bad - just hectic!!

Things are very hectic around here at the moment (not bad - just hectic).

In the coming weeks I don't think I will have a spare moment to pick up my stitching. However, I do want to share a few pieces which were recently finished and/or finished-finished. If I don't show them now I probably never will.

Here they are:
 'Knock Knock'
designed by Marie Driskill of Blackberry Lane Designs
stitch 2/2 on 32 count 'Prank' Belfast Linen with Anchor Black
started 08/28/2013 - completed 09/03/2013

 PS 'Pumpkin Patch' Black Cat
stitched 2/2 on scrap of 32 count overdyed linen
with DMC 310, 906 and 970
started 08/27/2013 - 08/28/2013

I made Black Cat into a Halloween ornament. It is a gift for my niece-in-law Natalie.

 'Snowman & Friends'
Dimensions Kit 
started 07/16/2013 (while on road trip) - completed 08/10/2013

I hope you don't mind twisting around to see the final picture. I've spent the past 10 minutes trying to straighten it out. In my pictures file it is right side up but I just can't get it that way on my post. I just don't have the time or patience to keep on trying.
'Maple Leaf Montage' designed by Lynne Nicoletti
stitched 1/2 on 28 count dusty green Jobelan
with the suggested DMC floss
started 11/13/2012 - completed 06/28/2013

This was such a great piece to stitch. I loved every minute - even all that white. It warms a Canadian's heart.

Have a wonderful autumn and I'll be back ones things get back to normal.

Monday, September 02, 2013

First Halloween finish 2013

Only two weeks to go and we will decorate our home for Halloween and Autumn.

It's always such fun as DH brings out his seasonal nutcrackers, I bring out my stitched pieces and of course we bring out all our other fall decorations.

This year I decided I should make a few new stitched Halloween pieces. Today, while taking a small break from stitching on the second piece, I was able to frame the first one. It's small but oh so sweet.

Prairie Schooler 'Pumpkin Patch Witch'
stitched 2/2 on a scrap of 32 ct overdyed linen
with DMC 310, 906 and 970
started 08/27/2013 - completed 08/28/2013

I picked up the frame at Marshall's a few years ago and paid next to nothing for it (10 or 25 cents I believe) What a deal!

Hope to be back within the week to show another Halloween finish.

Have you been stitching for Halloween?