Thursday, June 29, 2006

From Mini Cat to Sea Horse

Just a quick update before I sit down to watch the results show of "So You Think You Can Dance". Wonder who's going home tonight? For the girls I think it will be Alexandra, the men - I really don't know.

Would you believe I haven't touched 'Frederick' since last weekend? I was all set to work on him while watching The Netherlands play their matches during World Championship Soccer. I truly believed, or at least hoped, they would go far. What a disappointment when they lost from Portugal on Sunday. Suddenly all my animo for soccer was gone (I wonder why) and with it my excuse to stitch during the day, so no Frederick. Hopefully I'll get at him again this weekend as I'm anxious to see what he's going to look like.

Did manage to complete my 'Mini Cat Sampler' needlebook and since it's my first attempt I'm not displeased at all. It was stitched with DMC #99 variegated floss on some left-over Aida and really looks much prettier than this scanned image. I really didn't know what to sew inside for the needles and finally settled on felt. Good choice? I don't know, but I'll be keeping this one for myself so it's no big deal if I chose the wrong material. If I make a needlebook for a gift I'll check first to see if felt is acceptable or what would be a better alternative.

And here is the start of my square for Erica's 'Love Quilt'. I have changed the colors somewhat as these appealed to me more. The pattern shows a much brighter orange for the sea star (too bright for me) and where I have started a blue border the pattern had red. I tried both the bright orange and the red and then frogged them because I didn't like the look. This border is the original outer edge of the pattern but in order to make the square approximately 8" x 8" I'm putting another outer border. That's where I'll stitch the fish, once again in adjusted colors. Probably I'll also add the title 'Sea View'.

That's all for tonight. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Monday, June 26, 2006

'Love Quilts' Needs You & Me

Last week as I was browsing on the EMS Cross Stitch Board I discovered 'Love Quilts'. These internet stitchers from around the globe, cross-stitch quilt squares for children who are either critically ill or have a lifelong illness. The squares are then made into quilts for these children who we all know can use some extra love. Between 1999 & 2004 'Love Quilts' made 160 quilts. On their site you can see pictures of many happy children who were comforted by the fact that others cared enough to make something special for them.

Maybe all of us who enjoy cross-stitching can take this wonderful opportunity to make a difference in a child's life. Personally I was so impressed and moved that I signed up that same day and am now working on a square entitled "Sea View" for a young girl named Erica.

Please take the time to visit 'Love Quilts' at: They are in need of loving stitchers as there are many kids out their waiting and hoping for a quilt.

It was San!!!

Saturday the mailman delivered the pincushion from my 'Summer Exchange Friend' - a pretty biscornu designed and made by San. Thanks San - it's adorable!!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Finished Product

Photo's came in today. Here is the finished pincushion which was sent to Liz. I'm afraid it looks lighter than it actually is (see yesterday's blog for truer colors) but at least you can get a good idea of how it turned out.

Oh how I wonder who made my pincushion!!!!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Liz's Pincushion

Liz is my Summer Pincushion Exchange Friend and today she wrote that she's received her package. You're most welcome Liz, I'm so glad you like everything. Now that Liz has received it I can show everyone what it looks like. Since I don't have a picture of the completed pincushion at the moment, here are images of the pieces prior to sewing it together.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A bit of this & that

How many ways can there be to incorrectly stitch the word "BIRTHDAY"? Well, however many there are I've discovered them all. I frogged it so many times I thought I'd turn green, but I was not to be defeated!! Here are some images taken before stitching in the name. That way SHE won't know who she is. Now all I have to do tomorrow is stitch it into a biscornu and run it to the post office.

This cute sampler pattern is a freebie designed by Christine-Ann Martin and available at
I couldn't resist it and thought it might be a good chance to try out variegated floss. I think I'll attempt to turn it into a needle-book. That's something I've been wanting to make for some time and this seems just about the right size for a first attempt.

Also managed to make a nice little pile of hexagons for my GFG quilt. Next week I hope to get some new flowers made so that D can see I'm making some progress. I'm so glad you got me started on this D and loved sharing our progress this past March.

Very little work on "Frederick" this past week. We were out of town for several days (that's when I made the hexagons - great to do in the car) and since we've been back I haven't had the time to work on him while it's light enough. Hopefully there will be some progress next weekend.

Before I sign off I want to thank you all for reading my ramblings and leaving such lovely comments.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

First showing 'Frederick'

Finally, here is the first showing of my work on 'Frederick'. The top of the book-case is complete and I've started stitching my first book. The black area you see on the top part of the spine of the book is not blank as it would appear from the image, but stitched in black. Black on black is no picnic as far as I'm concerned but at least I was able to do it during the day.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I can hear you saying: "Well, where are the first pictures of Frederick that you promised?" Truly, I've been working on him, but so far all I have to show is the top of the bookcase - numerous gold & brown cross-stitched rows. No one out there is interested in that type of an image I’m sure. Hopefully by the end of next week I will be able to do a little better.

Do have something else to show you though. Since stitching on black is no picnic as far as I'm concerned, I've started a few small side projects. Here’s a cute Canadian cow which I'll be making into a birthday card for my Canadian brother-in-law. He’s such a great person and I just know he will be pleased with a card made especially for him.

There is someone out there in my 'forum-world' who led me to the great cow site. I wanted to thank you on my blog and have spent the last half hour trying to find your posting of the English cow. I can't find it back!!!!!!! Thank you, whoever you are. As soon as I find you again I will certainly mention your name on my site. For those of you who might like to see the large display of cows I've added 'Cows Galore' to my Handy Links.

The second small project is also for a birthday but instead of a card I hope to make this into a biscornu. I've added a 'frame' so that I can stitch in the name & date.

In 'Handy Links' I've also added a link to "30-Minute Meals". I'm sure most of the Americans & Canadians among us know Rachel Ray and her cooking. Those of you who live elsewhere might enjoy her recipes too, they'll always easy, fast and very tasty. There are new recipes every day and all are free and downloadable.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

'Frederick' SAL Start

Today Maria, Karin & I start our 'Frederick the Literate' SAL. This is my first SAL and I'm excited about it.

For those of you who have never met Frederick, he is a Charles Wysocki design in a Dimensions kit and will be stitched on 14 ct black Aida. This is my first time stitching on a black background and I'm not looking forward to that but will put up with it as I love the picture.

Will try and post an image tonight of my start on the project. Good luck to my stitching partners Maria who can be found at: and Karin who's blog address is: