Thursday, October 27, 2011

Authors A - Z

As I was completing my last book challenge I mentioned that I would be starting a new one soon and that it would be super simple and loads of fun.

With a new month quickly approaching today seemed like the perfect time to tell you about it. Hopefully some of you will join me on the A - Z journey.

The challenge is to read 26 books by authors who's last name all start with a different letter of the alphabet. The alphabet does not have to be read in any particular order.

Here is Betsy Ross showing you some books I will be reading during this challenge. Now there is something about the picture which is not quite right - what is it?

Super simple rules. Any genre of books is allowed. I can own them, borrow from friends or from the library. I don't plan to buy anything new for this challenge but it is certainly allowed. Old favorites can also be added into the mix.

All books I read will be listed in the sidebar of this blog. I'm setting up the alphabet now so that I can fill it in as I go along.

I plan to complete my challenge by November 2012. That gives me plenty of time, although you may feel that another time frame is better for you. Challenge yourself to whatever you are comfortable with and remember it is the journey that counts.

Join me in this fun reading journey through the alphabet. Who knows what we may discover in our travels.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

'12 Days' - two ways

Way 1

'Twelve Days of Christmas'
Book 200 Collector's Edition of the Stoney Creek Collection
stitched 1/2 with DMC and Petite Treasure Braid
on 32 ct opalescent lugana
started 07/28/2010 - completed 09/04/2011

At the end of 2009 (just prior to our return to the US) I asked both our children if they would like me to stitch them a Christmas piece. YES!! was the answer. The next question was 'what would you like me to stitch?' Would you believe it - they both chose the same design - 'Twelve Days of Christmas' from the Stoney Creek Collection.

This is a gorgeous design but an intense stitch so I told them it would take me a few years to complete them both and that they would receive them when both were completed.

As of September 4 one is done. I hope to have it framed before Christmas and have it decorating our own home this year.

With a bit of luck and a lot of stitching both will be completed by Christmas 2012 and be decorating M & E's homes.

Way 2

'12 Days of Christmas Whimzi' by Just Nan
stitched 2/2 with DMC & Petite Treasure Braid
on 28 ct 'unknown' evenweave
started 02/01/2011 - completed 10/08/2011

In January of this year my friend Lili and I started our LiMi SAL stitching '12 Days of Christmas Whimzi'. What fun this SAL was and I am thrilled to show you my rendition stitched and framed, ready to decorate the Christmas tree in my office/hobby room.

What do you think of the cute little frames? I bought them at Michael's for $1 each as part of little cross stitch packets by PLAID. What a deal!

So there you have it: '12 Days' done two ways.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

In the mail to Jane & Natalie

Yesterday I finally framed the lighthouse which I stitched for my SIL's cottage in 2010. There is only so long you can put these things off and with Jane's birthday coming up next Sunday it was time to get it done. The image is a bit pale, which is a shame, but at least you know that it is truly completed.

'Eagle Bluff Lighthouse' Brigitte Kozma
from January-February 1988 Just CrossStitch

Jane's DIL Natalie loves Halloween and always decorates her home beautifully. On a Saturday just prior to Halloween she & her husband invite a bunch of kinds over and spoil them with Halloween crafting and treats.

'The Red Witch' is just the type of picture she is sure to enjoy so I made a combined package for Jane & Natalie and dropped it off at the post office this morning.

'The Red Witch' Mosey 'n Me

Stitching is such a joy and stitching pieces for favorite people is extra special.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

One to go

On January 1 I started on my 'Off the Shelf' challenge. I was to read 30 books, which I already owned but had not read, by the end of 2011.

I am pleased to let you know that as of today I have one book left to read for the challenge. That book is already on the table beside my stitching/reading chair and should be completed within the next day or so.

As with many projects and challenges, once the end is in sight you just want it to be completed. I must admit that I'm happy it is almost done and am actually looking forward starting a new challenge.

Personally I am always very interested in what others are reading. In case you feel the same way, here is a list of the books.

30 'Mistress of the Monarchy' A. Weir
29 'Howl's Moving Castle' D.W. Jones
28 'Habitat' S.K. Moody
27 'Jesus Video' Andreas Eschbach
26 'The Raphael Affair' Iain Pears
25 'Opus Dei' M. Whitehouse
24 'The Relic' Preston & Child
23 'A Long Way From Home' T. Brokaw
22 'S is for Silence' S. Grafton
21 'What I Learned Under The Sun' K.L. Coon
20 'The Yiddish Policemen's Union' M. Chabo
19 'The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society' Shaffer & Barrows
18 'Into the Wild' J. Krakauer
17 'Letter from Home' C. Hart
16 'Gate of Ivrel' C.J. Cherryh
15 'The Rising' T. LaHaye & J.B. Jenkins
14 'The Mummy Case' E. Peters
13 'Well of Shiuan' C.J. Cherry
12 'Fires of Azeroth' C.J. Cherryh
11 'Love Walked In' M. De Los Santos
10 'The Painted Veil' W. Somerset Maugham
09 'My Life in France' Julia Child
08 'Julie & Julia' Julie Powell
07 'Home' Julie Andrews
06 'Slumdog Millionaire' V. Swarup
05 'T is for Trespass' S. Grafton
04 'The Mermaid Chair' S. Monk Kidd
03 'Map of Bones' J. Rollins
02 'The Flight of the Falcon' D. Du Maurier
01 'Oeroeg' H.S. Haasse

As soon as book 01 is read I will add it to this list and let you know about my next reading challenge. It is going to be easy and fun so stay tuned as you may want to participate.

PS: Barbara asked which my favorites were. The top five would be:
- 'Mistress of the Monarchy' Alison Weir
- 'Jesus Video' Andreas Eschbach
'Into the Wild' Jon Krakauer
'The Flight of the Falcon' Daphne Du Maurier
'Oeroeg' Hella S. Haasse