Thursday, March 18, 2010

From L to LV

'A Quaker Christmas' ByGone Stitches
stitched 1/1 on 25 ct ivory lugana
with Blue Spruce & Buckeye Scarlet Sampler Threads
and Whatley Woodlands by Crescent Colors

Yes we've moved back to Las Vegas after spending a wonderful 1 1/2 years in The Netherlands. More about that in a minute. First a stitching update.

'A Quaker Christmas' has been a very special project as it has kept me occupied through our entire move from Leidschendam back to Las Vegas. I worked on it:
- as we were making the last decisions about our move
- while the movers were packing our things in Leidschendam
- during our Christmas visit with DS in Hamburg, Germany
- during our New Years in Den Haag with DD and her DBF
- while the painters were in to repaint our home
- while waiting for our container to arrive
- after everything had been unpacked and put back in place

Every stitch placed was a joy and all the above things make this a 2009/2010 project to remember. On February 25 I stitched my initials on the piece - DONE!!!

And now our move. When we left the US in 2008 we couldn't have dreamed that we would be living here again so soon. But life sometimes takes strange turns and you have to rethink what is best for you. With the housing market in LV being what it is we didn't want to sell our home so when our tenants started having problems paying we felt is was best for us to move back into our own home here in Nevada.

The time spent in The Netherlands was wonderful. We loved being there and cherish every moment we were able to spend close to our children. We had such fun with them - this is certainly what memories are made of. It was also great to be able to see relatives and old friends again on a regular basis, as well as make new friends. Can you imagine how special it was to finally meet in person Annemarie, Barbara, Harmien and Heidi? They are great women and wonderful stitchers and what a joy it was to get to know them better.

I hope to be back soon with progress pictures of my newest project. Love it!! Stay tuned.