Tuesday, January 12, 2016

"60 is the new 20" by Margie Taylor

2016 got off to a good start.
I decided which stitching projects to concentrate on (more about that in another post) and began a new year of reading.
Stitching is my passion, reading my addiction. Hey, things could be much worse. :)

What better way to start my new reading year than with a book written by a friend?
sent me her newest book, "60 is the new 20" "A light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek look at boomers by one of their own", for Christmas.
The weekend after New Year's Day (a weekend which would normally have been a downer with our children and grandchildren far away again) was a perfect time to spend reading, remembering, chuckling and laughing.

Oh Margie what a great read!
There wasn't a chapter which didn't either bring back a great memory or give me insight into not only you then (gulp - 50 years ago), through the years, and now; but also a look at myself and all the other 60 plussers.
Yup I had/have bad hair days, fade to black and have a bucket list.
I also have wonderful memories of long summer evenings in Fort William, Ontario, Christmas caroling at Westmount Hospital, and Friday evenings listening to local singers and bands at the Royal Eddie (making one rum and coke last as long as possible).

Read Margie's book and rediscover yourself.

Go to her website margietaylor.com, meet her and listen to Margie read from Chapters 4 and 14 of the book on the podcasts shown on the right hand side of the home page.
Listening to the podcasts is great. Margie has a lovely reading voice - a voice I remember well from Mr. Hyatt's English class 50 years ago.
Then do yourself a favor and read this "boomer's guide to aging with grace, dignity, and what's left of your self-respect".

"60 is the new 20" is a real treasure, a book you will read and reread.

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Short overview of 2015

With the ringing in of the New Year I felt it was time to make a decision about this blog - either close it or put some effort into bringing it back to life.
Since I have wonderful memories, especially of my first years of blogging, I didn't want to just "leave the building" so here I am on January 5, 2016 with an overview of 2015 and a promise to myself and you (if anyone reads this) that during 2016 I will blog at least once a month (during the first week of the month).
If at the end of 2016 I do not feel satisfied with what I have written and the overall experience I will say farewell.

Let me begin by giving you a short overview of 2015.
- DH retired
- we moved to Palm Coast, Florida
- children and grandchildren were all home (from Bremen, Germany and The Hague, The Netherlands) in December during which time we:
  1. celebrated our 40th anniversary in a wonderful day at the Kennedy Space Center
  2. celebrated Christmas
  3. celebrated our grandson's second birthday
- reconnected with a classmate after almost 50 years and discovered that she is not only just as nice a person as she was then but that she is an author. Meet Margie here. She sent me her book "60 is the new 20" for Christmas. I will tell you about it in an upcoming post as I read (loved) it this past weekend. 
- read (too) many books
- stitched less than normal
All in all it was a busy year.

Now to the whole point of this post - a stitching update with pictures.

"Blue Snowman"
designed by Linda Bird - Imaginating, Inc.
stitched 2/2 on 32 ct opalescent Belfast linen
with suggested DMC colors

from Borduurblad #61
a gift from DD's children for my 2014 birthday
stitched 1/1 on 18 ct white Aida
with my own choice of DMC colors
made into bookmark for DD
"Gingerbread Cottage"
a Medeiros Needlecraft Design
from Just Cross Stitch 2007 Special Christmas Issue
made into 2015 Christmas ornament for granddaughter

"The Decorator" 
by Full Circle Designs
from Just Cross Stitch 2007 Special Christmas Issue
 made into 2015 Christmas ornament for grandson

"The Bookshop"
as it stands December 31, 2015

I'll close off with a few of the books I enjoyed during 2015.
"The Hours" Michael Cunningham
"Ventoux" Bert Wagendorp (Dutch)
"The Giver Quartet" Lois Lowry
"The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop" Lewis Buzbee
"The Sun Also Rises" Ernest Hemingway