Friday, January 20, 2012

What a fun day with Kathy A.

Several years ago Kathy A. and I met through our blogs. We knew immediately that we had a lot in common since we are both from Canada & both love to cross stitch. Then one day we discovered that we had something else in common - NUTCRACKERS. Kathy and my DH are both fervent nutcracker collectors. She and I became blogging/email friends and hoped that one day we would meet in person.

Yesterday that day finally dawned. Now you may think that anyone who comes to Las Vegas comes to gamble. I'll let you in on a secret. Las Vegas has one of the most wonderful stitching communities in the US and when Kathy planned her trip here it was to stitch and meet stitching friends.

At noon Kathy, Juls, Michelle, Brenda (a non-blogger but fabulous stitcher) and I met for lunch at Sammy's. Well you would think we had all known one another for ever. Lunch was delicious and the conversation relaxed and full of fun and laughter.

Kathy gave me this beautiful gift. I received a pouch for a stitching project with matching needle book, scissors & fob and a sweet bag to store the scissors in. Kathy, you are one talented lady. I love it all and my 'Bethlehem' project has a new home.

After lunch we went to Stitchers Paradise where met up with more of our local stitchers and talked and stitched to our hearts content.

It was such a fun day with wonderful friends.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

First Finish 2012

All week long as I was trying to get this piece finished I was very excited as for once I was going to frame it immediately. The perfect frame was already in my possession so I was all set.

Art is the Flower
from Art Nouveau Cross Stitch by Barbara Hammet

stitched 1/1 on 25 ct Bow Peep Pink Lugana with DMC

started 02/22/2011 - finished 01/08/2012
Note to self - do not stitch 1/1 on 25 ct if back-stitching is required

This morning after placing the final back-stitch I rushed to the cupboard which I knew contained the perfect frame - lots of frames but not the one I thought I had. WHAT????

My first instinct was to rush off to the store and buy a frame. Then I stopped and had a good talk with myself. I have so many stitched pieces waiting to be framed and for at least nine of them I have frames. Do I need to buy another frame which may just be put away like the others? You see, I love to stitch and I love to buy frames but I really don't love framing.

Conclusion : this piece will have to wait to be framed until at least two frames I already own have been used. NO, I MAY NOT DONATE THE FRAMES OR DISPOSE OF THEM IN ANOTHER WAY!

I would ask you to keep your fingers crossed that I will actually do this but that wouldn't be fair as you all have your own stitching & finishing to do.

Will be back soon as I want to show you a few projects planned for 2012.

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