Monday, August 17, 2009

I have a dream

Actually I have several stitching dreams.

Dream 1
To mount and frame all the finished stitching which is currently patiently awaiting attention on a table in my home office. They have been placed there so that I will see them every day and feel guilty if I don't do something about them. There are 18 pieces left to be framed and I have bought 6 of the required frames. My plan is to frame one piece per week until they are all done.

Last week I still had 20 finished pieces but managed to frame two. These were both stitched in 2007.
'Mooning' Silly Snobs Designs from Imaginating, Inc.

'Easter Parade' Blackbird Designs

Dream 2
To finishing stitching my two WIPs by the end of 2009. These two designs are great to stitch side by side as when I get sick of all changing colors on the lighthouse I can pick up DB and relax.

Since the lighthouse is for my SIL and she will frame it herself I may be starting 2010 with only one piece to frame.
''Dutch Beast' Ink Circles
picture taken in June and have made some progress since

'Eagle Bluff Lighthouse' Brigitte Kozma

Dream 3
Along with Heidi continue with HarmAn projects. Although it is a good feeling to be able to start a project just for the sake of a new start I'm afraid that thus far Heidi and I are having a problem with not finishing each project ASAP.

My first HarmAn was started on August 1 and completed on August 12.

'Gingerbread House' Country Cottage Needleworks

My second HarmAn was going to be 'Second Story' but since I came up with these stitching dreams I decided that I'd better stick to something smaller.

'All Hearts Come Home' Hillside Samplings

Dream 4

From now on finish-finish each piece as soon as it has been stitched so that a new pile does not appear on my table.

Am I only dreaming?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pictures of Gifts

For my 6oth birthday last year my dear friend Lili sent me a gift certificate from Stitching Bits and Bobs. Lili knows how very happy I was with this wonderful gift but due to the move last summer I never got around to showing it to the world. I was just like a kid in a candy store and had such fun picking out patterns which are going to have a very special place on my Halloween & Christmas walls. You know I love them Lili - Thank you!!

From left to right:
- 'Grimm, Glum and Gloom on Halloween' Glendon Place
- 'Skeleton Crew' The Cricket Collection
- 'The Second Story' The Cricket Collection
- 'Santa's Workshop' Jim Shore

'The Second Story' is all set to be started on 28 ct Bluebell Jobelan. Rather than stitch the two parts separately I will stitch them on one piece of fabric and then decide whether to make it into a bell-pull or framed piece. Since the next HarmAn Day (a day when you are allowed to start a new project without feeling guilty about all your other WIPs) is this coming Friday I am planning to put the first few stitches on this piece then.

And now pictures of a few stitchy gifts I have made lately.

The first is a Halloween pillow for our pumpkin/kitty friend Annemarie which I made as a hostess gift for her for our recent Sip 'n Stitch. As always, this get-together was such fun and yes we truly did get around to stitching as well as doting on little Pantoef, gabbing, eating and laughing.

You may or may not remember that after I made my first pinkeep last December I had a draw for three pinkeeps to be made by me in 2009. They were mailed last week so I can now show them to the world. I know two have arrived at their destination and I hope the third arrives shortly too.