Sunday, September 09, 2007

A proper post!!

First of all I want to thank you all so much for your comments on "Happiness is...". Only true friends would take the time to react to such a silly post. I was just so happy that Fred 'himself' was finally completed - thank you for taking the time to celebrate with me.

My goodness that was quite a statement at the bottom of my last post: 'A proper post is currently in the making'. And where is this post you ask yourself?!! So let's start over again and let me bring you UTD.

From August 20 - 24 we had company from British Columbia. Lina and I met many years ago when we were both working in Winnipeg, Manitoba and boarding with the same lady. All through the years we've kept in touch and she has actually visited us in each home we have lived in (LV is #7). After driving down to Monterey for a nephew's wedding she drove over to see us for a few days. We had a good time and did a lot of chatting and stitching. We also managed a day trip to The Valley of Fire which is absolutely gorgeous and certainly not something people expect to find when they think of the Las Vegas area. Actually it only takes us half an hour to drive to this great State Park. Here's a peak at a few things you can see while visiting The Valley of Fire.

- The Beehives -


- Petroglyps -

I had been feeling tired prior to Lina's visit and it just got worse during and after her stay. Well of course there had to be a reason and a visit to the doctor on the 29th indicated a urinary tract infection. "Oh well" I thought "now I know what the problem is all I have to do is take five days of antibiotics and I'll be right as rain again." Are you getting the feeling that this is not what happened? I will spare you the details but let it suffice to say that I had a very bad allergic reaction (inside and out) to the anti-biotics and although the doctor assured me that this is not abnormal I have been having a rough time. The cure truly left me sicker than the infection. Thank goodness I am one of those lucky women who has been blessed with a wonderful and caring DH. I don't know where I would be without him. Today I feel much better & hopefully the worst is finally over.

But enough of that - let's get down to the fun things in life - some stitching news.

This past Friday my Fair Square for Annemarie started on its journey. Personally I'm pleased with the result and I think (hope) she will be too. Once she has received it I'll post a picture and you can either guess what the theme is or if you don't feel like it I will let you know. Now comes the exciting part of checking the mailbox for my square from Annemarie. It has been such fun getting to know her a little better and realizing how close we lived to one another in The Netherlands is pretty special. Don't forget to drop by the exchange site now and in the coming days so you can see all the great squares as they arrive and are posted. Thanks for everything Vonna & Annemarie!!!

For several days when I was at my worst all I did was sleep & I certainly didn't have the energy to pick up needle and thread but thankfully the desire to stitch came back. I wasn't quite ready to tackle Fred on his black aida or Autumn so went searching for a simpler WIP to work on. Of course that wasn't too hard to find. 'Mooning' is ideal for stitching when your eyes don't focus properly. With it's bold colors and 2/2 on 25 count Lugana you can even manage a lot of the stitching without the OTT-Lite. This afternoon I finished this sweet little Halloween piece. IRL the colors are much bolder than they appear in the image.

'Mooning' from Silly Snobs Designs

Enough for today. No promises of a quick post this time but I do hope to write again very soon. In the meantime have a good week everyone.