Saturday, April 30, 2016

Plenty of action

It has been a very busy and very fun month. Not only did I spend time cross-stitching, I started a knitting project and quilting lessons.

First up, my progress on "The Bookshop"

Of course I intended to be further along with this project since I would like to have it completed by the end of July but a few new projects got in the way.

Projects like these:

 4th of July Fence Rail for Uncle Sam Nutcracker table

Thanksgiving Fence Rail for Thanksgiving Nutcracker table

If someone had told me six weeks ago that I was not only going to start quilting but loving it I would have laughed. No way - not Margaret - no quilting for me - I have so many other things I love to do - why should I bother?
I remember talking to Dorothy in the morning and discussing our hobbies (D quilting and me cross-stitching and reading). And what did I do that afternoon - I signed up for a beginners quilting course. And oh my goodness, I'm loving it. Now I must tell you that I truly feel that the experience is so good due to the teacher I have. Kelly is gifted not only in her quilting habits but also in her teaching ability.

The 4th of July fence rail is my original project.
For those of you who are looking at it and thinking "oh no, she hasn't cut the borders long enough!" have no fear, there is method to my madness.

Kelly suggested we make a second quilt at the same time in order to get practice what we had learned.
Well I had enough fall colored fabric from a applique quilt I thought I would be able to make in 2005. Of course as a beginner that didn't work out but I can now put that fabric to good use.

Our next lesson is on May 24. We will then learn how to sandwich and quilt.
By that time I have to have at least on quilt top completed.

As if that wasn't enough I've also started knitting again.
Monday mornings a group of us get together at the Sew & Quilt shop for Critters (crocheters & knitters).
So I pulled out a skein of bouclé that I bought while we lived in Michigan and started the Faux Mobius Cowl (pattern included with yarn). The yarn is incredibly soft - love it.
When the cowl is finished I will be going to our daughter as I know she will love it for the cold winter days.

Of course I'm reading too.
Brenda chose such a wonderful book for our children's classics read.
This was truly my favorite book since I last posted.


Currently I am reading:

Cover art

This coming Monday our book club will be discussing:

Well friends that brings April to a close.