Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Easter

Easter Hugs Pass Them On

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Launch of SES-9

The SES-9 rocket was launched last night after 3 cancelled attempts over the past 10 days.

 launch picture at Cape Canaveral 
taken from

The weather for the first three attempts was picture perfect. Unfortunately last night is was cloudy and foggy in the distance.
The following pictures show what was visible from Flagler Beach (about 90 miles north of Cape Canaveral). Still quite impressive. Especially IRL.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Busy but fun month.

February was a very busy, but also a very fun month.
DH's brother and SIL from Michigan visited us from the 10th until yesterday.

On Valentine's Day we drove down to Fort Lauderdale and boarded the Holland America Line's Nieuw Amsterdam for a 7-day cruise through the Caribbean.

J&C and DH & I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversaries within six months of each other and they suggested we take a cruise to celebrate. 
It took us a little longer than expected to actually go. Between our move to Palm Coast last year and our children and grandchildren's visit here in December we didn't have time for a cruise.

However, in February we finally put everything on hold for a little while and away we went.
We visited Grand Turk, San Juan, St. Thomas and Half Moon Cay and had a great time - good company, delicious food & wine and lots of long (and I mean long) walks on the various islands seeing the sights.

I did manage to stitch during the month as well.
Actually, I met my February goal by completing the 2016 ornaments for the grandchildren.
I hope to finish/finish them during March.

I imagine I don't have to tell you which one is for our granddaughter and which one is for our grandson.

During the last week J&C were here we took day trips to St. Augustine, Kennedy Space Center and Amelia Island.

We also spent several evenings at Flagler Beach hoping to see SpaceX's SES-9 communications satellite in the sky after it was launched from Cape Canaveral.
Sorry to report that the launches were scrubbed as it would have been so nice for our Michigan family to be able to experience this.

My favorite book this past month was:

"The Glass Kitchen" is a quick read. It will make you smile, shed a tear and surprise you with a few twists and turns.

Currently I am reading:

Point of interest
On our visit to Amelia Island I found out that both David Baldacci and John Grisham have homes there.

As soon as I have a pictures of the completed ornaments to share I will do so. 
Should we see the SES-9 from Flagler Beach as it shoots into space I will also try to post a picture.

Until next time - happy stitching, reading and everything else that makes your life GOOD!