Thursday, February 03, 2011

Of Snowmen, a LiMa and a Family Sampler

It is hard to believe that Snowman month has come and gone. Since snowmen are always such a joy to stitch most of my January stitching was centered around them.

The snowman couple is a pattern called 'Snowbuds' by Bent Creek. I received this pattern from my buddy Lili a few years ago and loved stitching it. The fabric is a 28 ct evenweave which I dyed with all kinds of yummy things. All stitching was done 2/2 with DMC. The colors are so much better in real life but I just didn't feel like taking additional pictures. Behind it you will see the frame I bought for this piece ($4.99 at Michaels - with a 40% off coupon only $2.99. Good deal or what?)

The second piece is a winter sampler freebie by Marika Belfiori. It is stitched 1/1 on 25 ct evenweave with DMC and I will be making it into an ornament for DD. Since I named all the other ornaments I've decided he needs a name too. S t r e t c h seems appropriate.

Now what is a LiMa I hear you thinking. A LiMa is a SAL done by Lili and Margaret. How's that for a cool SAL name?

Lili and I both love Just Nan's '12 Days of Christmas Whimzi' and felt that now was the time to stitch it. I will be making mine into ornaments for my office/hobby room Christmas tree. You will have to check with Lili to see what her plans are. We hope to stitch two designs per month so that we will have plenty of time for finishing before Christmas 2011.

Several years ago I received a gigantic piece of 28 ct evenweave from my SIL - color ?? Anyway it seemed perfect for these ornaments and it was good to know that I wouldn't run out of fabric. At least I hope I don't run out of fabric. You would think that any fool can cut out a 5" x 5" piece of fabric. Well this fool seems to have trouble doing that. Finally did get one cut and actually stitched in the past two days. Again - bad colors.

Last but not least - another family sampler. I hemmed and hawed about my 01/01/2011 start and finally settled on the sampler for DH's family. Like the sampler for my family this piece is being stitched 1/1 on 25 ct lugana with DMC floss and specialty threads.

I hope everyone's stitching year got off to a good start. Hope to drop by all your blogs soon.