Sunday, May 07, 2006

Hand Applique Quilting

It's early Monday morning after a quiet weekend. I tried to blog last night but kept on doing something wrong and was unable to get the pictures in the correct place. Finally just gave up.

Our weekend was pretty quiet. We went to see 'RV' with Robin Williams which was a real fun movie. It all started a little predictable - you know mom & dad & two young kids where daddy is everyone's hero. Next flash the kids are teenagers who think dad is just soooooo old-fashioned. At that point I thought "here we go again". However that's where the movie took a turn for the better and the rest was really very enjoyable and funny. I've always been a Robin Williams fan so I guess I should have known I would enjoy it.

Here's my attempt at hand applique. This is how my quilt was supposed to turn out. The block I'm working on is in the top left-hand corner. This is a project I wish I had never started. I loved and still love the pattern for this beautiful quilt but know I will never be able to complete it. When I started, it really didn't look all that difficult. The tree trunks and the first two trees went well. But then the moon. I've sewn it in three times now and am in the process of removing it again. Thank goodness I only bought the materials for one block. My goal now is to complete just that one block and I'll be very satisfied if and when I get that done.

Here you can see how the first block is supposed to turn out and next to it my attempt at hand applique.

Not much progress in four months is there? Is it any wonder I prefer picking up my cross-stitching?


Blogger liz said...

My motto is life's too short for either hand applique, or hand quilting, especially when I've got a perfectly good machine to do it for me! Do you have to do it by hand? Most machines do cope with applique pretty well. The quilt looks lovely, it would be a shame if you didn't feel like going on.

1:45 PM  
Blogger lyssophietje said...

I saw you had left a post in my blog so I dropped by to see yours.

I think that quilt looks really difficult...I have never quilt, but when I see this I don't think I ever start;).

Good luck with it!

8:08 AM  

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