Saturday, July 29, 2006

Volleyball Anyone?

The past week has been pretty hectic so although I've dropped by to see my blogging friends I haven't had a chance to write myself. Even though we had a busy schedule DH & I also managed to do some real fun things during that time. More about that at the end of today's blog as I want to update you on the stitching front first.

When I completed 'Sea View' last month for Love Quilts I realized that with the deadline for these quilt squares two months away I had plenty of time to make another one. This time I signed up to stitch a sports square is for Makade T., a little boy who was diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma (malignant liver tumor) just around his second birthday (he will turn 3 this November). He's been through operations and chemo-therapy and his mom writes that he's a real trouper. Makade favorite sport is American football but I couldn't find a suitable pattern so went for another great sport. The pattern is a freebie provided by and was actually picked by DH.

Although I've spent most of my free time stitching on Makade's square I did manage to make some progress on the Rose Manadala Garden and am still loving every minute of it. Hopefully I can finish the other gates this weekend. Then it's on to the the Algerian eyelets which I've practiced several times with the DMC Jewel Effects and should be no problem.

Just to make sure I didn't forget the GFG quilt again for weeks on end, I completed another flower this past week. If only I could keep that up - one flower a week. That way I'd be making some real progress.

Now for the other fun things which have kept us busy. The first outing was a tour of the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay with a professional group DH is a member of. To start off we were taken to an education room where we learned all about the founding and building of the reef (in conjunction with Vancouver, Canada) as well as the types of fish/mammals and how they are transported and taken care of in holding tanks until they adjust to their new surroundings. It was very, very interesting and the love for his work just shone on the instructor’s face. After that the actual tour of this amazing reef took place. A wonderful experience. Then last Thursday we had another real treat when we attended the Cirque de Soleil show “KA” at the MGM Grand. All the décor is spectacular and the cast members are super agile and acrobatic. A good story, good music and great action. All in all, a wonderful production.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.


Blogger Stitchingnow said...

Everything is looking great. Hope you have a good week. I will be busy working - working - working. Maybe some stitching will sneek in as well...

10:07 AM  
Blogger lyssophietje said...

Thanks for the link to the pattern!

Rose Manadala Garden is so lovely! Can't wait to see it finished and I can understand that you love stitching it!

I'm curious what the whole flower quilt is going to look like!



7:18 AM  
Blogger whitecalla said...

All three looks good. Loved the colors of the Rose Manadala Garden.

Take care, happy stitching weekend.

8:33 PM  

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